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How to Finance a House Hack

I recently sat down with Carissa DiRado, a licensed mortgage loan officer at the Premium Mortgage Corporation, to discuss the topic of financing a house hack.  We talked about a variety of topics, including what you need to do before you apply for a mortgage, the types of loan programs available both nationally and in New York State, and what you absolutely should NOT do after you apply for a mortgage, but before you close.

Check out the video of my interview with Carissa here:

If you are interested in getting your FREE Homebuyer’s Mortgage Guide you ca find it here:

Homebuyers Mortgage Guide (Co-Branded)

The major topics covered in the video are:

1) How to prepare for and what you need to have ready in order to apply for a mortgage;

2) FHA and FHA 203k mortgages;

3) VA mortgage;


5) Conventional and Home Possible mortgages;

6) What not to do after applying for a loan (i.e. take on new credit!)


Also, check out Carissa’s video on Seller’s Concessions here:

2 thoughts on “How to Finance a House Hack

  1. Hi…I just saw you on another’s YouTube video. You bought a 10 unit building for 350k that was worth 1mill. I have been in the mortgage industry on and off for over 20. yrs. I have bought and dold 2 properties before the finacial meltdown. Now I am getting back yo fo that. I have some properties that I can get that are undervalued. I need about 500k to buy one great home in cash. I need investors for this and other propeties. But they usually are looking fot at least a 2mill investment. My amt seems to small for now. I do not want to lose this opportunity. Need investors in a secure deal. Ny credit is flawless. Whi can I turn too? That you, Ron 5168137222Hi…we payout 8% for a 1 yr investment. Safe investment secured by discounted real estate. Prefer 1 investor to contribute 500K…or will consider 100k minimun. Let me know. Ron 516-813-7222 or email:

    1. Hey Ron,

      Thanks for reaching out and watching my videos. At this time all of our lenders are fully invested in our deals. I would suggest going on and posting your inquiry in the forums. If you don’t already have an account, you should definitely set one up. It’s great networking. Also, they have links and offers for private financing on Biggerpockets that may work for you. There are different levels of membership. The first level is free, but comes with some limitations on networking and posting. The next level is Pro level. I have been a Pro member there for several years and it has paid for itself many times over. I definitely recommend it. It’s a fairly reasonable monthly fee. And you can cancel any time. Good luck and let me know how you make out!

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